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Peshkopi city

Everything You Need to Know About Peshkopi, Diber's Capital City

Peshkopi city
Nuts from Diber

Embrace the cultural significance and delectable flavors of Diber's nutty treasures that captivate both locals and visitors alike.

Peshkopi city
A Day Trip from Tirana to Diber: Explore the Hidden Gems

Discover the allure of Diber on an unforgettable day trip from Tirana. Unveil the treasures of Diber, a captivating escape just a short drive away.


Over 40 different varieties of apples are cultivated in the Diber region.

Albanian Baklava, Diber Style

A traditional Balkan desert with Turkish origins, Baklava in Diber offers a slight twist.

Hiking Korabi Mountain

The Diber region offers diverse hiking trails, from easy strolls through lush valleys to challenging treks up Korabi, there's a hike for every adventurer.

Unveiling the Delightful Jufka of Diber: A Culinary Journey

Jufka is a traditional Albanian pasta, crafted by hand and steeped in centuries of culinary heritage.

lura lakes

Discover the pristine lakes of Lura, surrounded by diverse vegetation, in Lurë-Dejë Mountain National Park, Diber.

peshkopi picture

Known for its thermal waters, and natural beauty, Diber's capital city is also developing a reputation as a tourism destination throughout the Balkans.

Rabdisht picture

Nestled above the Healing Valley, Rabdisht is a hidden gem that beckons travelers seeking an authentic and local experience.

Sheqerpare: Diber's Traditional Treat

Sheqerpare is a completely unique dessert commonly found in Diber.