Peshkopi city

Date: 7/27/2023

Alex Sessums

Alex Sessums

Everything You Need to Know About Peshkopi, Diber’s Capital City

Exploring Peshkopi: Unveiling History, Culture, and Scenic Beauty

Diber’s capital city of Peshkopi is located in the mountaineous regions of northeasetern Albania. The city is known throughout Albania for its history and cultural significance and welcomes travelers to experience its cultural charm.

A History of Peshkopi

Peshkopi’s origins trace back an astounding 6000 years. Archaeological sites such as Cetushi and the Gradishta Castle in the Bulkaj neighborhood bear witness to the footprints of ancient inhabitants. Ruins of a church, standing sentinel beyond castle walls, hint at the existence of another settlement intertwined with the castle’s history. In the 2nd century BCE, Peshkopia, then known as “debe,” makes its debut in history books, leaving it’s mark not only in Illyrian history but also in the Greco-Roman world.

Decoding the Name

Unraveling the origin of Peshkopia’s name is somewhat akin to solving a linguistic puzzle. While the words etymology has religious undertones, rooted in the Orthodox Church’s use of the Greek language. “Peshkopia,” derived from the Greek word “Επισκοπή” (epi-skopja), carries a twofold meaning of an overseer of the high and holy regions and the central offices of the Orthodox Church. A blend of history and faith, the name resonates through time, showcasing the city’s role as a guardian of both its heritage and spirituality.

Peshkopi Today

Peshkopi today is known for it’s welcoming locals and linden-tree lined pedestrian boulevard. Peshkopia’s cultural vibrancy is another facet that captures the heart of every visitor. The city has nurtured artistic talents throughout its history. Music, painting, and literature have thrived here since ancient times. The “Cultural Center for Children” has played a pivotal role in shaping young talents, fostering a legacy of art and creativity. Renowned instructors have guided the city’s artistic growth, and their influence resonates through festivals, exhibitions, and even national talent shows.