Date: 7/27/2023

Alex Sessums

Alex Sessums

A Sweet Treat: Baklava in Diber, Albania

If you’re a fan of sweet treats, you’ll want to try the baklava in Diber, Albania. This popular dessert has roots in Turkish cuisine, but the Albanian version has its unique twists and flavors.

The Turkish Connection

Baklava originated in the Ottoman Empire, which included Turkey. This sweet pastry is made up of layers of filo pastry, chopped nuts, and syrup or honey. It was introduced to Albania during the Ottoman period and has since become a popular treat in the country.

Albanian Baklava

While the base of Albanian baklava is similar to its Turkish counterpart, there are some key differences that make it unique. Albanian baklava is lighter and less dense than traditional Turkish baklava. Additionally, Albanian baklava often uses local walnuts instead of traditional pistachios.

Albanian baklava is made by layering delicate filo pastry, which is brushed with butter to give it a light and crispy texture. A mixture of crushed walnuts and spices is spread over the pastry before another layer of filo is added. Once the pastry is layered, it is baked and covered with a mixture of light syrup and honey.

Baklava in Diber

Diber is known for producing some of the finest baklava in Albania. The region’s baklava is made using traditional methods and with locally-sourced ingredients. Tourists can visit local bakeries to sample this delicious treat and even watch as it’s being made by skilled bakers.

Final Thoughts

Baklava is a sweet treat that connects Albania to its Ottoman past. While the base recipe may be Turkish, the Albanian twist on baklava makes it unique and worth trying. If you’re a fan of sweet treats, be sure to sample some of Diber’s delicious baklava on your next visit to Albania.