WEDA – Women Empowerment in Diber from Agro-tourism

ALCDF is an Albanian non-profit organization, which is established in 2010 as a spin-off from the Netherlands Development Organization–SNV. It focuses on creating innovative solutions in Tourism, Agriculture, Local Government, Environment, and Civil Society Developmental in rural areas of Albania. During its activity as an organization, it has been able to implement more than 10 projects in various fields such as environment, tourism, local government, etc. One of the most specific projects related to the increasing of the role of women is the Women Empowerment in Diber from agro-tourism project – “WEDA”. This project is funded by the US Embassy under the program of the Small Grants Commission for Democracy and is being implemented in the municipality of Dibra. The purpose of this project is to contribute Empowerment of Diber Women by providing skills, education, market access & promotion to increase economic benefits from agro-tourism. Main expected results to be achieved by this project are:

1. Increased skills and capacities of women in agro-production, guest houses & camping sites management and tourism services topics.

2. Created business to business linkages between demander and suppliers in tourism value chain; and

3. Promoted best local products and experiences through harvest festival, web platform and study visits.

This project will enable more than 280 women not just increase knowledge and participation, but it will provide the opportunity to create business links for their products and find best way to access markets. The project duration is 12 months, during July 2020 – June 2021

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