Summer Day coming!!

Summer Day festival with music, dancing, games, traditional foods, and more

Description: Summer’s Day, a pagan tradition, is a holiday celebrated throughout Diber beginning on the 13th with Summer Night and continuing into Summer Day on the 14th.

Traditions include: Tying a red string around the wrist and keeps it there until the first swallow appears and then the string is tied to a rose bush and a wish is made. Family members are “beaten” three times with a tree branch symbolizing spring, which is believed to pass its power into their body. Children break open and eat an egg painted with the peel of a pepper that symbolizes health. Mothers cleanse the eyes of their children with egg water as a greeting for a quick awakening and prayer for the children not to become lazy, but hardworking like their fathers. Fresh flowers, symbolizing prosperity and purity, decorate the home. And during the feast, a juniper fire is being prepared and grandmothers say that children must overcome the fire to leave the evil. Popular games, sports games and popular music and all these festivities welcome with love and dedication two loving friends: Spring and Summer!

Summer Day

Summer Day

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