Phone No: +355 69 3199931

Address: Peshkopi, Diber

Offered Tours:

  • Peshkopi city tour
  • Korab
  • Lura
  • Seta
  • Deshat Range


  • English
  • Albanian

Valdrin Vlesha, also known as Drini, is a fully licensed, local tour guide, and he was issued his license in 2019 by NATGA (National Association of Training Guide in Albania). He has a master’s degree in geography from the University of Shkodër “Luigj Gurakuqi”. His passion has always been history and art, and since 2018, Drini has been a specialist at the Peshkopi Museum where he utilizes his knowledge of Diber’s history, ethnography, archaeology, and its touristic (natural and cultural) attractions. Along with his family, he owns Hanna market that sells traditional food and souvenirs in Peshkopi. Drini enjoys taking visitors on historical and city tours in Diber, and on hiking trails in the Deshat-Korab mountain range.

He is looking forward to meeting you in Diber.

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Mt Korab


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