Grama mountain pastures tour

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Hiking in Grama Mountain Pastures Tour: “THE PEARL OF DIBER”

Description of the Tour

Grama Mountain is part of the Korab Mountain Range, at an altitude of 2,345 meters above sea level. There are several natural monuments in Grama such as White Mountain Karst formed by gypsum, Grama’s Mirrors formed from selenium deposits that reflect the sun’s light, the Ladies’ Highland Pastures, which according to legend was the property of the Kastriot family and was used for summer pilgrimage. Nearby, is the Shllinasi of Vrenjt, or the Salt Rock, its slopes are favored by wild goats.

Endless highland pastures, alpine trees, and a beautiful mountain lake, that faces the White Mountain and Grama’s Mirrors, with cottages and crystal-clear springs, Grama is a magical mountain destination, located 9 km away from Peshkopi. Cottages and camping sites offer food and accommodation as well as tourist activities such as hiking, fishing, hunting, horseback riding.

Grama is accessible by several routes. On foot, visitors can hike from the village of Kastriot or from Shumbat village. By car, visitors can travel to Grama, from Peshkopi to the villages of Bahute or Zimur (40 minutes), then hike to Grama (2.5 hours). And by off-road vehicle, visitors can reach Grama via the village of Sllatina (1.5-2 hours).

Duration : 1 Day

Trail Length: 6-9 km trekking

Difficulty level: easy to moderate

Itineraries : 2 


8:00 Departure from Shumbat (Camping site of Dritan Herra) or Sllatine village.

Option I:
The trip starts from the campsite in Shumbat. This campsite offers magnificent views of Mount Korab, Lura National Park, as well as the Black Drin River Valley. The hike to Grama will take visitors through the fruit-tree plantations in Shumbat village, the oak forest of Venisht, the high forests of Sllatina village, along Grama creek, up the Stairway of Sllatina, in the place called Plum, and then to the Mountain of Grama. The trip is 3.5 hours long.

Option 2:
Departure from the village of Sllatina, then passing through the “Red Pathway”, the Meadow of Duka, Gjurra e Vogël (Small), Gjurra e Epërme (Upper), then through the Mount Pelpenik, then through the Mirrors of Grama, passing through Tershizë and then arrive in Grama. The journey lasts 3.5 hours

13:00 Lunch in the Highlands Pasture

You can either have lunch at Korabi camping or bring your own food.

15:00 Return

The return will be on the “Shepherd Huts”, Shkalla e Sllatines, Grama creek, Dypjake and Shumbat village, which gives you the opportunity to see the natural beauty that offers the way of returning. The downhill ride the return trip from Grama to Shumbat takes 2.5 hours.

17:30 Departure to Peshkopi or to your accommodations

8:00 Depart from the village of Kastriot

Along the way, the tour guide will acquaint visitors with the history of the village of Kastriot, the birthplace of Kastriot family. The family of Albania’s national hero, Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg. There is a monument to the Kastriot family as well as other natural geographical features that are named after this medieval feudal family, as visitors will learn about the legends from the tour guide.

After this stop, the journey continues in the direction of Grama creek and through the village of Vrenjt. This itinerary option offers visitors the opportunity to see the traditional farms of Limjan and Vrenjt villages. From different points during the journey, one can see the Drin River Valley and the mountains surrounding it, including Lura National Park and Mount Korab.

After a journey of 4-5 hours, passing through Limjan, Grama creek and Vrenjt, you will arrive at Grama Mountain.

13:00 Lunch in the Highlands

You can either have lunch at Korabi camping or bring your own food.

17:30 Departure for Peshkopi or your accommodations

Accommodation suggestions:

“Dibra”Camping in Shumbat village;
Contact: Dritan Herra 0682351518

“Korabi” mountain camping in Grama
Contact: Bestar Kaloshi 0683322157

Guesthouses “Elimira Voka” in Vakuf Village
Contact: Elmira Voka 0685396435

Guest House “Arbri” in Arras Village
Contact: Vladimir Marku 0686506061

“Rest House Korabi” in Bahute Village
Contact: Fluturim Elezi 0694535422

“Konaku” Guesthouse in Tomin Village
Contact: Hamit Salkurti 0692053492

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