The “Healing Valley” Tour

Where the body is cured by the warmth of the thermal waters, the mountain air, and, where tradition, history, and hospitality heal your soul!

Enjoy and Explore  the “HEALING VALLEY” through Hiking!

Description of the tour trail of the Healing Valley

The valley has taken its name from the curative properties of the thermal springs of Peshkopi and from the mountainous part of Skërteci Highland Pasture, part of the Korab mountain range.

3-day tour, but 1-day tours can be organized, It is a fascinating journey, with a combination of the natural beauty of the thermal waters, fresh mountain air, legends of settlements, both old and new. This itinerary provides you with the opportunity to stay in the guest houses of Rabdisht, one of the 100 Albanian touristic villages, where you will experience traditional Albanian hospitality and the traditional dishes of Dibër.

Duration: 3 Days (it can be also done in 1 day)
Length:  18 – 20 KM
Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

Activity: Hiking and thermal spa


8:30 Departure from Peshkopi
The tour will start in the old town of Peshkopi, where you will learn about the ancient city history, as a center of Orthodox Bishops.The old quarter of the city with its characteristic buildings, cobbled alleys and bazaar show a city of Ottoman Balkan style. Visitors can explore craft shops and purchase hand-made items.

9:15 Visit to the thermal waters of Peshkopi
Walk to the Peshkopi Thermal Spa. You will be provided with a brief introduction to the services and treatments provided as well as the history of this. You can then visit the baths of thermal water and its source. “Gradishtë of Begjunec” is culture monument, which can seen from the tourist info-point at spa center. It is a settlement of historical ruins that together with part of the Bishop pastures have been the centers of monasteries and churches from which Peshkopi has taken its name.

9:40 Experience  at old water mill of the Saraçi Family.
There you will see the special construction style and the work done in the water mill. The nearby cold water spring is also used for health treatment purposes.

10:25 Explore the beauty of the Healing Valley from the Pyramid of the Rabdisht.

From the observation point to the pyramid-shaped hill, often referred to as the Nose of the City you can enjoy the beauty of the Healing Valley, the cold water spring, and the landscape of the villages of Bellova, Zagrad, Cerjan, and Rabdisht.

10:30 Hiking to “Lugu Arushës/ Bear valley”
“Lugu Arushës/ Bear valley” is one of the torrent canyons of Rabdisht. The beautiful woods of Boravik growing on the gypsum and rock composition offer an environment suitable for wild fauna. Because of the water resources, legend shows that the bears come from the mountain to drink water and that is why the location has received this name.
13:00 Lunch has been pre-packed and taken away.
14:30 Walking to plantations and agri-farms in Rabdisht.
Visitors can see apple plantations, potato fields, which typical of the area. On the horizon is seen the whole “Healing Valley”.

15:30 Visit to the “stone village” of Rabdisht
The village is one of the 100 tourist villages in Albania. The mountainous position, and the stonework style as well as the cobbled pavements, give the appearance and name to the village as a "stone village". Visitors see with their eyes and touch with their hands the typical life of the village.

16:30 Accommodation in guest houses. Traditional family dinner.
Guest houses recommended are:
SABRI SHAHINI 0695114003/ 0683240675
FITIM GOLECI 0696429888

Hiking in Skertec Pasture

8:00 Breakfast in the guest houses.
9:00 Hiking to Rabdisht Pasture 
Moderate highland hiking, while horses and mules are used for transportation of bags. Along t The road to the pasture landscape is very beautiful; it is part of the Korab-Koritnik Nature Park. The journey lasts 3.5 hours.

12:30 Lunch has been pre-packed and taken away.

16:30 Visit to Zagrad village
Zagrad is located at the foot of Skertec Mountain, from which it has taken its name of Black Stone. The houses are made of stone and the village has cobbled streets. The few houses in number have some livestock, bees, and are distinguished for cultivation of good-quality potatoes.

16:30 Accommodation and dinner in the guest houses:
Guest houses recommended are:
XHEVIT FETA 0682338056


8:00 Breakfast in the guest house
9:00 Explore the monuments of culture and nature in Bellova.
The magnificent scenery of Skërtec Mountain Gorge, where legends and natural monuments intertwine with one another. You will visit the prehistoric ruins of the "Cape of the Town", an early archaeological settlement, Bellova cave, as well as Bellova water springs, a hydro-monument of nature.

12:00 Dinner in Peshkopi
The Quiet Nature Restaurant in the neighborhood of thermal waters center (Llixha), EIBA Restaurant in the Old Quarter of Peshkopi, Kica Restaurant, or Zerja Restaurant just outside of the city.

14:00 Tour of the City of Peshkopi
It begins in the old quarter, where visitors will learn about the old neighborhood history, to the building of Dibër Municipality, then to the first Town Hall of the city, dating back to 1920. Then it continues to the main boulevard of the city. Walk along the boulevard and visit the Tourist Information Point, where you can get acquainted with the tourist attractions of Dibër and buy various souvenirs. We will stop in front of
Skanderbeg’s monument, which, unlike his monuments/busts in other cities, portrays Skanderbeg standing and without his helmet, as he is the son of Dibër. The, another stop at the city museum, where we will visit the pavilions of archaeology, Ethnography and history.

16:00 Coffee or beer at one of the bars along the boulevard.

16:30 Visiting the city quarters.
Visitors will learn about the characteristic buildings of the city at the time of communism, and social organization. They will visit a fortified center as well as the city stadium.

17:00 Accommodation and dinner in Peshkopi
We recommend a variety of dinners both at restaurants and family dinners, as well as in the homemade food prepared at the guest houses.

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