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Canyon Tour of Black Drin River

Exploring and enjoying the “Black Drini” river canyon in Gradec-Hotesh, when the water and land are magic!

Description of the Tour

One of the most beautiful destinations, near the town of Peshkopi is Drini River Canyon in the Gradec-Hotesh-Selane-Katundi Ri Area, at a length of 6-9 km. The tour lasts about 5-6 hours. Black Drini River is one of two branches of the Drini River, the longest river in Albania. It flows for 149 km from its source at Lake Ohrid.
On this trip, you will have the chance to see the natural beauty of the Drin Canyon, with a diverse landscape,through rocky straits, gorgeous canyons, and low green
forests, where the water has a deep dark color. You will quickly understand why this branch of the Drini is called “Black.” During this itinerary, you will get acquainted with legends, stories, caves,towers and early archaeological settlements.
The touristic route begins in Peshkopi with two optional itineraries: one travels through the village of Peka (20 minutes) and one through the village of Topojan (30
minutes), both driving along the asphalt road.

Duration: 1 Day

Length: 6 KM – 9 KM

Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

Itineraries: 2


8:30 Departure from Peshkopi

Itinerary 1: Enjoy the agri-touristicbeauty of the village of Pekë, known for its history of clay pottery and apple and cherry plantations. The route goes through the hills of Gjura neighborhood, rich in native fruit trees and oak forests, with wild local fauna. Journey from Peshkopi to the village on a paved road for 20 minutes. From the asphalted road to the Drini Canyon, we will hike for about 1 hour to the wire bridge of Drini River.

Itinerary 2: Explore the Drini Canyon from the village of Topojan 30 minutes by car from Peshkopi along the Drini River. Travel through the village of Shpukth, where you will enjoy the fantastic landscape of Maqellarë and the Drini River banks until you reach the Canyon of Gradec and a viewing point where you will have the pleasure of viewing the whole of the Drini Valley, including the village of Gjoricë and Dibër e Madhe (Big Dibër/Debar, in the Republic of Northern Macedonia.)

10:15 Visit the Canyon of Gradec and Gurra stream of Mazhica

Trek to Gradec Canyon for about 1 hour where you can enjoy its beauty, crossing the Drini through a wire & wood bridge. Walk on the bank of Drini Riverfor about 2 hours. Enjoy the canyon at the Drini of the Gurra (streem) of Mazhinca and the native fruit-tree plantations of Hotesh. Sport fishermen can fish here. Have lunch by the River in Selane at Sed Murrja, or in Hotesh at Labinot Murja camping or other relaxing establishments along the Drini River bank.

12:15 Lunch
13:15 Enjoy the beauty of the canyon at Katundi Ri
After lunch break, you will visit the tower of Vesel Murra and Elez Murra, the Çela Cave and hike along the canyon for 1.5 or 2 hours until you reach the bridge of the Katundi i Ri, where you can enjoy a coffee or fruit juice at the restaurant of Halil Damzi. Take beautiful pictures throughout the day. Return to Peshkopi by van/car on the asphalt road.
15:00 Return to Peshkopi
Enjoy the agri-touristic landscape of Dohoshisht village on the way back to Peshkopi, make few stops and take memorable pictures.

19:00 Accommodation and Dinner in Peshkopi
We recommend a variety of dinners both in restaurants and family dinners at home prepared at the guest houses.

We suggest:
“Black Drini” camping of Labinot Murja in Hotesh, 0684229976;

“Selane Drini” open bar of Sed Murja in Selane, 0684231550;

GUEST HOUSE “UKA” 0673625835
KAMPINGU “KAPXHIU” 069-2258182
IN-TOWN HOTELS: You can find address at:

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