Summer Day: is the most dominant and prominent calendar ritual in both the city and the villages, which is manifested with the interest and great participation of the population, as it has the character of an important celebration.

It is celebrated on the 14th of March all over the region of Dibër. It is a pagan celebration that is celebrated throughout Albania, but in this area it has its own characteristics. Celebrations start about ten days before with fresh water fetching in the early hours of the morning to sprinkle the doorstep, lighting of fires, etc.

A few days before, eggs are boiled, dyed with onion barks or in food colors. Children go to the village hills and play various popular games such as: kala dibrançe, jump-rope, burning balls and so on. Egg win-over is one of the most interesting parts, where the winner is the one who with his egg breaks more. Children use with egg shells to mark summer flowers, which are plucked by them the next day on March 14th.

Then they place flowers at house gates to announce the arrival of spring. Also, a night in advance, children spark off fires to scare off winter. Children eat around the fire, jump and sing songs, expressing the desire to have the biggest fire.

DATE: 14 March

Place: Peshkopi

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