St. George’s Day: is a Dibër celebration of particular importance and incredibly interestng, in Christian name, but of pagan faith in ritual, which falls on April 23rd according to the old calendar and May 6th, according to regular calendar. This joyful revival of nature was also recognized the first day of the year, or the New Year’s Day.

On this night and the following day, many meaningful rituals are observed. The young men used to kindle fires in the night in visible places. At night, they ate traditional foods outdoors. With all these foods, they “tugged” the flowers (“they fed them”), especially kukurek, metimi flower and the flowers of Saint George. They ‘tugged’ also the green grass in a patch of grass-field or meadow with a round white stone or a plow of soil that they lay over the hollow grass. It is a pagan celebration, which announces the coming of summer, the greenery of all plants and the salvation of livestock from shortage of dry hay.

For this day, the family has the best lamb to be killed. Legends in these areas highlight that there is a date coincidence on May 6th; it is both, Saint George’s Day and also the birthday of our national hero, Gjergj Kastriot-Skcanderbeg.

DATE: 6 May

Place: Kastriot & Peshkopi


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