Pasture Festival: This feast takes place at the end of June or early July, on the Korabi Mountain range, on the part of the Radomira and Sllatina villages. It is precisely this period where greenery, climate freshness, the rich plant and animal world, etc. prevail, so it is of great interest to visitors. Usually this festive event takes place in the Pasture of Korabi and Grama. Since the terrain is difficult and people have to climb at about 2000 meters high, horses and 4×4 car are used for transport. Various activities are performed such as: dance music played by flute and drums, soccer, folk games etc. They also take generators to ensure that the phonie is work as they sing songs and listen to music, sung especially to Korab Mount, as well as patriotic songs characteristic of the area of Dibër and the entire country. 

Since this area is mainly engaged in livestock, and specifically sheep breeding, this celebration is mainly dominated by lamb barbeques, as well as the well known cheese of the area. Participation is vast with inhabitants of ‘villages or people who have migrated from all over the area of ​​Dibra, Tirana, and invited personalities. Activities start in the morning and last all day. So the passengers need to get up early in the morning to arrive in time, but a part of them sleep in tent or camping the night before. Descending takes different directions, depending on the preferences of individuals, to see as many places along the way. It is organized by volunteers, associations, local units, etc. Since 2010, it has been a regular activity. This festival is also seen as a promotion of the mountain tourism potential offered by Korabi Mountain range. Certainly, there is a need for added activities within this celebration, to make it as attractive as possible to tourists and keep them longer in the area.

DATE: End of June or First weekend of July

Place: Korab and Grama mountain

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