“Oda Dibrane” Folklore Festival: started its activity in 1994, initially conceived as a meeting of popular rhapsodes. It was mainly attended by groups and cultural associations from Albania and Macedonia, as well as artists who had independent artistic life. As one of the first activities of its kind, this activity echoed and was welcomed. It was a joint initiative of the artists from Dibër and the Presidency of Artists Association of Albanian minority in Macedonia, who needed more space for their artistic life. Since 1997, this festival has developed without interruption, constantly consolidating and creating an indisputable name throughout Albania and beyond it. It is this good name and the values it brought that made the Ministry of Culture plan it at national level and continues to support it financially.

‘Oda Dibrane’, in folk symbolizes the ‘guest reception room’. It is a symbol of the fervor of Albanian generosity, resistance and bravery, a location for organization of assemblies, ceremonies of joy and misfortune, where the wisdom of the people unfold. It has also served as a place where the beautiful epic and lyric songs were created, where people could celebrate and rejoice, where people could either sing songs or mourn, where a friend of the house was seen in or out, where prominent words and allegorical dialogue was utilized. In such rooms, the word was of a very heavy weight. That was also the place where the beautiful melodies of our songs, rituals, humor and graceful satire, the words of wisdom and allegoric thought were created.

DATE: 8-9 October

Place: Peshkopi and Diber

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