Dibër region has numerous natural monuments (41 in total), which are distinguished by their special geological, biological, historical, and aesthetic values. Several of these monuments have been categorized as protected areas. The 41 monuments grouped along the five trails are:

  1. Along the trail of Seta-Lura Lakes
  • Caves: Red Stone Cave; Sopanika Spring and Cave; Rusi’s Cave (Grykë-Nokë);  Ice Cave – Bulaç
  • Lakes: Lakes of Kasni; Lake of Flowers (Lurë); Black Lake (Lurë); Great Lake (Lurë)
  • Trees: Vakif of Upper Sina; Spruce of Lurë; Plane Tree of Çidhna; Oak Tree of Dobi;
  • Plains and Meadows: Morena of Lura Plain; Lura Crown Circus; Field of Mares – Lurë;
  • Others:  Mountains of Lurë; Great Gorge, Lurë; Seta Gorge (the narrowest and deepest part)
  1. Along the Healing Valley Trail
  • Caves: Cave of Qyteza
  • Hydro monuments: Thermal mineral Source of Peshkopi and Bellova Springs
  • Others:  Borovic of Begjunec;
  1. Along the Radomire-Korab Mountain Trail.
  • Gjeomonuments: Korabi mountain and Cave of Imer Aga
  • Plains and Meadows: Korabi Plain; Fair Hole;
  • Hydro monuments: Black Lake (above Radomirë), Cold Water Spring, Vleshë;  Fountain of the King – Serakol
  1. Along the Kercisht-Hinoske Trail.
  • Gjeomonuments: Kercini mountain (Stone of Kërçini), Crest of Pocest;
  • Biomonuments: Kërçisht Plane, Vakif of Çanga
  • Hydro monuments: Pocest Waterfall (Maqellarë), Kërçini Spring
  1. Along the Grama Trail
  • Gjeomonuments: Shllinasi; Hill of Money, Blliçe; Mirrors of Grama;; Ladies Pastures, Zimur; White Mountain Karst.
  • Biomonuments: Pine Tree of Blliçe; Beech Tree of Blliçe; Oak Tree of Kabe;

The geographical distribution of nature monuments in the district of Dibra is uneven and differs according to administrative units and elevation above sea level. There are administrative units with many natural monuments, such as Lurë with 9 monuments, and units that have no natural monuments such as Luzni, Zall Reç, and Zall Dardhë. The city of Peshkopi is represented only by the thermo-mineral springs.

More information about natural monuments in Diber you can find by clicking in Natural Resources

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