Enjoy the highest mountain in Albania today and tomorrow you will be fascinated and thank you!

Description of the Tour

Enjoy hiking to Mount Korab, the highest mountain in Albania. From the ‘Roof of Albania’, where you will experience the natural beauty of Korab-Koritnik Natural Park; the pastoral living conditions in the shepherd’s huts; the rich culture and tradition surrounding Maqellara; the tourist villages of Radomira and Rabdisht; and the hospitality and traditional dishes of the Dibër residents. The journey lasts 6 days. The guide should ensure that visitors are wearing proper clothing, equipment, and other items necessary for this hike. It is part of the Scardius Trail of Balkan region.

TOURING MOUNT KORAB, the highest mountain in Albania


8:00 Departure from Peshkopi.

Discover the beauty of the villages near Maqellara
Departing from Peshkopi to the village of Popinarë. Along the way visitors can see Grezhdan Castle ruins, the ancient Eastern Orthodox churches in Herbel and Kërçishti, the Allajbeghi Mosque and natural attractions such as Kërçini’s Rock, Pocesti Waterfalls, Pocesti Karst, Kërçini Plane Tree, Kërçini Springs and many other natural landscapes. The trip from Peshkopi to Popinarë will be by minibus.

9:30 Hiking to Pocest Highlands Pasture
Pocest Highland Pasture will provide you with amazing views of the Black Drin Valley. The hiking trail follows along a stream fed by the Kërçin spring where hikers can enjoy a variety of local flora and fauna.

12:30 A pre-packed lunch will be provided.

13:30 Gazing at the valley and mountains of Dibër from Mount Velivar
Hiking to Mount Velivar, which has a lower elevation than some of the neighboring mountains. The journey takes 2 hours. You have the opportunity to see all of the Black Drin Valley and in other part of the mountain is Radika.The path goes through the gentle belt and descends to the Turk’s Tower, where the Hinoska Highlands can be seen a nice view of Drini valley. The highland pasture, the lake, the cottages and the villages of Trepça and Ilnica are the closest destinations. Descending to the Hinoska Cottages takes about 1 to 1.5 hours.

16:30 Accommodation and dinner at Hinoska Cottages, guest houses of the Fida Family
Guest House and Camping Sites recommended are: EUGEN FIDA 0672087194 and ADMIR FIDA 0684715843


8:00 Breakfast at the guest house
9:00 Hiking and exploring the Hinoska Highlands Pasture
Departing for the highlands pastures. The hiking level will be difficult and horses or mules will be used for the backpacks. The landscape is very beautiful and picturesque. Along the way, you can stop at viewing points to take photos. Arrival at the pasture after 1.5 hours of hiking. There is diverse vegetation, which includes Gentiana lutea, used by locals for medicinal purposes; orchids, where the tubers are used to make a local drink known as Salep; wild fruits and plants such as blueberries and oregano. The highland offers many water resources. In the Mountain of Rabdisht, at the foot of the Black Stone, you will enjoy the entire Healing Valley and natural monument “Borovik of Begjunec”. After a difficult hike of 4 hours from the Hinoska Cottages you will arrive at Grandmother’s Fountain.

13:00 Lunch at Grandmodher Fountain you will have the pre-packed food brought with you.
15:30 Hiking in Rabdisht Pasture:
Rabdisht pasture is very beautiful and panoramic landscape. The forest of “Fera” along the trail is very beautiful, with pine trees and various types of forest trees, characteristic of high forests. You can stop at viewing points to taken photo. The pasture have a very rich flora of diverse vegetation. Characteristic of the area are rare medicinal plants such as gentiana lutea, saltflower, blueberries and various teas.

16:00 Visit to the “stone village” of Rabdisht
The village is one of the 100 tourist villages in Albania. The mountainous position, and the stonework style as well as the cobbled pavements, give the appearance and name to the village as a “stone village”. Visitors see with their eyes and touch with their hands the typical life of the village.
16:30 Accommodation in guest houses.
SABRI SHAHINI 0695114003 or 0683240675
FITIM GOLECI 0696429888
Traditional family dinner.


8:00 Breakfast at the guest house

9:00 Hiking to Skërtec Mount
Departure from Rabdisht village to the highland pasture. Moderate mountain hiking. Arrival to the highland pasture after 3.5 hours of hiking. During the hike, you can see up close the diverse fauna that includes deer, rabbit, and various kinds of birds . The mountain offers many water springs and canyons, which may have snow or massive ice even in the summertime.
12:30 You will have lunch by the coldwater springs

14:00 Hike to the Winding Curves of Cerjan
Mountain hiking, mostly on rocky parts along the Skërtec Mountain . The view is beautiful and the mountain is steep. You have the feeling of an adventure, but the level of difficulty is moderate and under the lead of the tour guide, the road is well-known and widely used by the local population and numerous visitors.

16:00 Setting up the campsite at Guri i Kuq (Red Stone)
The camp is erected with tents at the foot of the Red Stone in the village of Zimur. The environment is suitable for camping and the landscape is very beautiful. Visitors can explore the rich flora and fauna and in the company of the tour guide can get learn about the protected area of Korab-Koritnik Nature Park.

16:30 A prepackaged dinner will be provided

Hiking to GRAMA Pasture, the “Pearl of Diber”

9:00 Departure from Red Stone
Hiking to Derza mountain. The village of Zimur, at the highest altitude in Albania, is known as the ‘Roof of Peshkopi’. The journey continues through the Mount of Derza, which in the local language is known as the “Door or Gate”, because of its geographical position. It is known as the place of wind or the wind gate. After 4 hours of hiking, you will reach the beautiful Highlands of Grama.

12:30 Lunch is prepared by the Grama Cottage Owner.

14:30 Hike to Grama and the Ladies’ Highlands Pastures
Wonderful landscape rich in flora and amazing relief. Explore the canyon of Grama or the Mirrors or the Shillinas of Vrenjt, which are rare natural attractions. There are also opportunities to go fishing at Grama Lake, or go horseback riding the Highland Pastures.
17:00 Accommodation at “Korabi Mountain” Campsite. 0683322157
19:00 Dinner at the campsite


7:30 Departure from Grama campsite
You can have breakfast at the Cottage and then the day is utilized just for walking. The degree of difficulty is easy and in some moderated places. You will depart from Grama and travel to the Shehi Highland Pastures. This hike will take about 6 hours and along the way you will see alpine forests, cold water springs, and an abundance of flora and fauna. This hike is rated as difficult or moderate.
13:30 Lunch has been prepacked and given to you
17:00 Enjoy the landscape of the tourist village of Radomirë
Radomirë is one of the ‘100 Villages,’ which is part of Albania’s Integrated Rural Development Program. Radomirë has numerous mountain springs that feed into the Veleshica River. There are two cheese-producing dairies, as the area of Radomírë is known for raising sheep. Radomirë is a small village located within KorabKoritnik Nature Park. The surrounding nature is very beautiful and the forests are protected because the village is the only one in Albania that enforces it own laws prohibiting the cutting down of trees or hunting.

17:30 Accommodation at a guest houses
Guest houses recommended are:
BUJTINA “KORABI” HAXHI HIMA 0692538172 Bujtina “Korabi
19:00 Dinner at the guest house, traditional family dinner

Hiking to peaks of KORABI Mountain

7:00 Breakfast with local food at the guest house
7:30 Departure for Mount Korab
Hike to Korab Field, the first attractive destination to be reached after 3 hours of hiking from Radomirë. Climbing difficulty level is difficult and the landscape is wonderful, mountainous and pastoral. The Korab Field has a variety of flowers, vegetation, and natural cold water springs. This field is well-known to the
local population and beyond, as songs are sung about it.

11:30 Lunch at the Korab Field has been pre-packed and given to you

14:00 Hiking to Punari Field
It is called Punari Field or Grove , or as a fairground used by the local population to sell sheep, wool and other things. According to legend,100 years ago, for the Radomira villagers and neigboring areas, this spot has served as the marketplace to exchange livestock and wool was done here too . Punari Field is also a monument of nature.
15:30 Climbing Mount Korab Peak
Mount Korab Peak is of a difficulty degree and once you reach the summit you will feel like you are on top of Albania with wonderful views of nature below you. The climb will take approximately 1.5 hours. Guides should be careful about the group, as some hikers may be tired and need some motivation to climb.

19:00 Return to Radomirë Village
The return is on the other side of Mount Korab, from the part of the village Ceren. Descending lasts about 3 hours, but it can take up to 3.5 hours, if the group is tired.

19:00 Accommodation and dinner at the guest houses

In Hinoska Pasture: Guest House and Camping Sites recommended are:
EUGEN FIDA 0672087194 ADMIR FIDA 0684715843

In Rabdisht village: SABRI SHAHINI 0695114003 or 0683240675 E-mail:,  and

FITIM GOLECI 0696429888

In Grama: Accommodation at “Korabi Mountain” Campsite. Phone: 0683322157

In Radomira: HOTEL RADOMIRA SETKI AHMATI 0692777129, and
BUJTINA “KORABI” HAXHI HIMA 0692538172 Bujtina “Korabi”

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