Once a strategic haven for dissidents of the late communist regime in Albania who used some of the trails to escape the country, the area is now trying to revamp itself as a modern tourist destination. Located in the Korab Mountain range at Grama pasture (the Pearl of Diber), this camping site offers a unique opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts to explore the wilderness of Albania. The sounds of diverse wildlife transport visitors far away from the noises of urban life. There are numerous trails for hikers, who can explore the beauty of the region with its alpine forests, meadows, and Grama Lake, a glacial lake. It is a place where one experiences history and nature through a special lens.

The camping site is owned by the Kaloshi family and they offer five (5) primitive cabins that sleep up to twenty (20) people. Tents are also available and these are perfect for those that just want to get away without having to pack up the tent! Just grab your cooler, your sleeping bag and head to Korabi Mountain Campground for a great time!

Contact us for more information about lodging, food and transportation.

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