In 2011, Veip Salkurti and Namik Shehi, both farmers, founded Kop Fruit Dibër 2012. The owners are farmers with over 30 years of agricultural experience.

Kop Fruit Dibër is the largest producer of apple and fruit juices in Albania. Their fields span over 100 hectares and are located in the villages of Tomin and Kastriot. Diber’s superb climate and its unique growing technologies contribute to the rich diversity of fruit products including apples, cherries, pears, quince, plums, etc. Their fruit juice brand is called, ELIKSIR, and includes apples, cherries, quince, mixed fruit juices, as well as apple cider vinegar.

Kop Fruit Dibër is #ISO 22000 certified and registered in the GLOBAL GAP database and is inspected yearly. They closely follow the trends of the markets to ensure the application of quality food safety standards.

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Rruga Isuf Bej Karasani, Albania

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