In the footsteps of Skanderbeg

Historical tour “In the Footsteps of Skanderbeg”

The stories and secrets of Skanderbeg and the Kastriot Family, Founders of Dibër!

Description of the Tour

3-Days tour provides tourists with the opportunity to visit the historic sites and learn about George Kastriot Skanderbeg, Albania’s National Hero. In 1405, George Kastriot Skanderbeg, was born in Dibër. He fought 24 battles against the Turks, out of which 19 were fought in his  birthplace in Dibër, triumphing for 25 years. Skanderbeg returned to Dibër in 1443 with 300 knights from Dibër heading to Kruja, where on 28 November 1443 he placed the national flag in the fortress of Kruja.

The Skanderbeg Museum is located in Sinë village and houses numerous places names , traditions, legends of the Kastriot family. Nearby is the village of Kastriot, which was named after the Kastriot family. Skanderbeg’s birthday coincides with St. George’s Day and both are celebrated together.

Duration:  3 Days

Tour Type :    History and Culture,

Difficulty level:  Easy to Moderate

Activities: Hiking, museum, archaeological side visit


8:30 Departure from Peshkopi. Experience of Peshkopi city.

During this short journey of the city, you can learn about Peshkopi’s as a center of “Orthodox Bishops” (which later became the center of the Islamic religion in the 1600s); the old quarter with its characteristic Ottoman style buildings; cobbled alleys and the bazaar.
Visit the Peshkopi Museum, which is located on the Elez Isufi Boulevard in the city center and displays about 2,000 objects. It is divided into three sections: history, archaeology, and ethnography, all of which reflect the material and spiritual culture and history of Diber from the early Neolithic to modern day. Items include a variety of folk costumes, rugs and carpets, various weapons since the Illyrian period, coins etc.

10:30 Coffee on “Linden Boulevard” of Peshkopi.
10:50 Departure by bus for Kastriot

11:05 Visit Kastriot village
The first stop will be at the monument to the Kastrioti Family, in the village of Kastriot. Visitors are acquainted with the historical places that are still used as: The Well of Gjon Ogradja, Gjon Tower, and the Ancient Quarter of Çelias, where four churches, including three Illyrian tombs, were located.

12:30 Visit the Battle of Torvioll monument
Stop at the Battle of Torvioll monument, Description of the Battle, of the Creek of Scampino, the Castle of Voleza, which was under the administration of the Kastrioti Family. Then we will move to the Cape of Town, where the massacre of Çidhna began in 1466. The tour continues with the visit to the Lower Çidhna, and then to the Field of Mosdona. Here, visitors will also explore the Skanderbeg Fortress at Qafë-Kala.

13: 00 Visit the fish farm
13:30 Lunch at Krashi Fish Farm.

14:30 Hiking to Seta Canyon, Skanderbeg Fortress, and the Cape of the Town
By bus we will head to the Cape of the Town, visitors can hike up the hill to see the panoramic view of the Seta canyon below. From the observation point at the irrigation canal of Seta, visitors will be able to see the Skanderbeg Fortress, which is natural and there are sites and old ruins. From Sopanika viewing point, visitors can see the Sopanika waterfall and cave.

17:30 Accommodation and dinner in guest houses Arbi in Arras village


8:00 Breakfast at the guest house.
9:00 Visit the Kastriot Museum
Visit the Kastriot Museum and learn about the Kastriot family and Skanderbeg’s battles against the Turkish army. For those who are interested, visit Sinë e Epërme
(Upper Sinë) to see Ballaban’s Tomb; Skanderbeg’s Cornel Tree; Ulësa (the place
where the son of Skanderbeg jumped out). The trip is by bus.

10:30 Departure to Peshkopi

11:15 Visit to the Zerja Agri-tourism Farm
Visitors will learn about the agro-products such as jufka, a traditionally made pasta, fruit compotes, fruit jams, etc., and see how they are made and where certain ingredients are grown. Visitors will also have the opportunity to visit a shop run by a women’s group, Agritra Vizion, where they can purchase folk costumes and handicrafts made by these women.

12:00 Lunch at Zerja Agri-Tourism Farm with traditional dishes

13:00 Departure to Grezhdan Castle ruins
13:15 Visit the castle ruins
The Grezhdan castle was inhabited by the Illyrian tribe of Uskana and is thought to be the largest castle in the Balkans in terms of its total surface area of 34 hectares.
14:30 Departure to Kërçisht.
14:45 Option 1: Visit to the Byzantine Orthodox Churches of Kërçisht.
Visitors will learn about the history of the village of Kërçisht, a village with 2 Byzantine churches, which speaks of a great influence during the Byzantine period. Although the Church of St Demetrius, built in 1892, and the 13th century Holy Church of Sotir are in need of restoration they are still visited by those who practice the Eastern Orthodox religion.

14:45 Option 2: Visit the thermal water center of Banishte
The visit is optional. The border with the Republic of Northern Macedonia will be crossed. Visitors can enjoy therapeutic treatments, a massage, or facial at the Banjisht Spa near Debar, North Macedonia. They can also hike the mountain path around the spa complex or enjoy coffee in the center's garden. The visiting time will last 3 hours.

17:30 Departure to Peshkopi
18:00 Accommodation and dinner in Peshkopi


7:30 Breakfast at the guest house.
8:30 Departure from Peshkopi.

9:15 Visit to Skanderbeg’s battlefields in Bulqizë.

Fushë-Bulqize and the Great Gorge are the site of many battles and legends of Skanderbeg. A stop in the village of Peladhi, where at least 3 battles were fought Turks. And, according to legend, the name Peladhi derives from Skanderbeg ideas dressing goats in paraffin clothing to make them look like knights.

Vajkal means ‘weeping of the horse,’ and according to legend this village’s name was derived from a horse that began to weep for Skanderbeg after his death.
12:30 Lunch at Hupi Tower;
14:00 Departure for Tirana
16:10 Coffee in Shkopet lake and Skanderbeg Mountain.
17: 40 Arrival in Tirana

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Guest House “Arbi” of VLADIMIR MARKU, 0686506061
GUEST HOUSE “UKA” 0673625835
KAMPINGU “KAPXHIU” 069-2258182
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