Harvest Festival: is an activity usually conducted in October and lasts 1 to 3 days. It takes place on the boulevard of the city of Peshkopi, where tents for the exhibition of agricultural & livestock , as well as traditional cooking or handicrafts of the area are displayed.

Quite often, it is held at the same time with the Oda Dibrane folklore festival, as there is a wide participation from residents of Dibër and beyond. It is the fair that is distinguished for wider participation and many agricultural products. Among the most important products are: apples, pears, quinces, nuts, livestock products such as goat’s or sheep’s cheese, honey, ‘Raki’ of various types, varieties of sweets, pickles, ‘pastërma’ (jerky = dried salted meat), ‘jufka’ (home-made pasta), etc.

These products selected by farmers are offered to citizens and, at the same time, traditional products of the area are promoted.

DATE: 04 and 06 October

Place: Peshkopi

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