Fitim Spahiu

Phone No:      +355 68 2743065


Address:         Dovolan, Diber

Offered Guides:

– Korab, Kercin, Velivar Mountains

– Black Drin rafting

– Grezhdan Castle

– Dibra e Madhe


– English

– Albanian

Fitim Spahiu is a fully licensed, local tour guide, and was issued his license in 2019 by NATGA (National Association of Training Guide in Albania). He speaks English very well. He resides in the village of Dovalan, (part of Maqellara area) where he works as a taxi driver. He works with many foreign visitors who come to Diber and he often guides them on hiking or climbing trips in the mountains. He has helped with the D2T: Diber Trails and Traditions project with the marking, signing and improvement of the infrastructure of trails and this inspired him to work as a tour guide. Fitim has created a network of contacts with other local tour guides and staff at the TIC office in Peshkopi. His favorite local attractions are the Kercin-Velivar trail, and the Black Drini river.

He is looking forward to meeting you in Diber.

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