Tour of glacial lakes of Lura and Kacni

Tour of the glacial lakes of Lura and Kacni.

Explore 17 glacial lakes of Lura and Kacni, where you will admire the miracles of nature, the legends of Ms. Lura and Selishtë, and numerous other adventures!

Description of the Tour

There are 17 glacial lakes,7 in Lura National Park and 10 in Kacni, which is part of the territory of Selishtë and Klos. The tour is a miracle to explore among forests and mountains, with great study value and great scenery. During this tour, you will be able to explore the villages surrounding Lura National Park and Selishtë as well as the forests of Balgjaj, Kacni, and Mbas Dejë that are a continuation of Lura Park. In addition to the stunning nature, you will see the traditional style architecture of the high carved stone towersand landscaped courtyards with wood fences, plus you can enjoy traditional Albanian hospitality and special local products such as cheese and honey.
The trip is 3 days long, with a 4×4 car and for trekking passionate people, a special walking plan is prepared in the most interesting and attractive parts of the 17 lakes.

Duration: 3 DAYS

Length: 58 KM

Level of Difficulty: Moderate to difficult

Activity: Hiking and off road car (4X4)


8:30 Departure to the Lura Park by off road car (4×4)

10:00 Explore Lura National Park, on the plateau of Lanë Lura
After two hours of traveling through the valley of Black Drini River valley, where the journey will take you past Seta canyons, villages, fields, Çidhna shepherd huts, and the plateau of Lan-Lura, part of Lura National Park. Lanë Lura is a protected areas with meadows, forests, shepherd huts, and numerous fresh water springs. Here you can enjoy the gorge of the Mount Gjargjisht and Gurë Lura, the pastures, the diverse vegetation and you can see different birds. After 2.5 hours of exploration in Lanë Lura, you will have lunch at Sheep’s Fountain.

12:30 Lunch at the shepherd huts of Lanë Lura or prepacked and taken with you
14:00 Departure for the village of Fushë Lura

14:20 Visit the tourist village of Fushë Lura
Fushë Lura has a panoramic view of the alpine valley, surrounded by the forested mountains of Lura from all sides, creating a wonderful natural diversity. The first stop will be on the road to Borie Lurë. The second stop will be at the entrance of Fushë Lura to visit the characteristic towers, landscaped courtyards with wood fences, and meadows, ranging from Towers of Gjokolaj to the Towers of Tolle, which is a cultural monument.
Next stop is in the village center, when you will knows the history, traditional and nature of Lura.
17:00 Accommodation and dinner at Hotel Lura 

EXPLORE 7 GLACIAL LAKES OF LURË (By off road car (4×4)

7:30 Breakfast at the hotel Lura

8:30 Departure to the Lakes of Lura by off road car (4×4)

10:00 Explore and enjoy the beauty of the 7 Lakes of Lura
After travelling by car through the mountainous road and forests of Lura Park for 1 or 1.5 hours, the Lura lakes can be seen. You will spend 3 hours hiking through Lura National Park and visiting all 7 lakes. After a 3-hour walk, you will have lunch at Mares’ Field, an alpine meadow surrounded by forests of beech and pine.
13:00 Lunch has been pre-packed and taken with you

14: 00 Departure for Selishtë, Lukan village

16:30 Arrival and accommodation in Lukan village
The trip lasts 2.5 hours through Zhur of Pllau. The road is mountainous and you will need a 4×4 vehicle. Adventure is acceptable to any visitor type.

18:30 Dinner with the host family, at the campsite, or at the miner’s cafeteria.


7:30 Breakfast at the hotel Lura

8:30 Departure for Lakes of Lura, hiking (Option 2)
10:00 Explore and enjoy the beauty of the 7 Lakes of Lura
Hiking through the forests of the Lura Park, where after 1.5 hours the Lakes of Lura appear. Exploring 7 lakes will take approximately 3 hours. Visitors will learn about the characteristics of the lakes, names, nature and legends. Lunch after the 3-hour hike will be in the Mares’ Field.
13:00 Lunch has been pre-packed and taken with you

14:30 Enjoy the nature of Lura Park
Return to the hotel in Fushë Lurë via Gurë Lura. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the natural diversity of Lura Park, the beauty of Runja Mountain, and the spectacular view of “Gjallica” of Gurë Lura and Seta canyon.
During this tour, visitors will learn about the legends, history, culture and traditions of the Lura inhabitants, descendants of Illyrians from which they got the name, as well as the archaeological ruins at the Borie Lure village of the old city archaeological side. The journey should take 2 – 2.5 hours of normal walking.

17:00 Accommodation and dinner at Hotel Lura

EXPLORE 10 GLACIAL LAKES OF KACNI (off road car 4×4)

7:30 Breakfast with the hosting family

8:30 Visit the Mount of Balgjaj and the 10 glacial lakes of Kacni
Departure from the Lukan village to Kacni Highland Pastures can only be done with a 4×4 vehicle and reaching the destination takes 1.5 hours. Hiking takes about 3 hours and you will enjoy and explore 10 glacial lakes, beautiful scenery and forests around the lakes and cottages.

13:30 The lunch is packed and taken with you 
Enjoyed by the cold spring water and the meadows.

14:30 Departure for Peshkopi
Along the mountain road of Qafë Murrë, visitors can see the villages of Selishta and enjoy the wonderful landscapes of the Four Gorges and the canyon of the Creek of Murë.

17:30 Accommodation and dinner in Peshkopi.

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