Diber has always had a heartfelt appreciation for good food and drink in combination with other tourist activities. From Turkish coffee to traditional Jufka, from city tour to Korabi mountain – dining & entertainment is yet another unforgettable way to experience the best of Diber!

Diber cuisine is just another symbol of Diber’s rich tradition. A large number of dishes that were eaten in Diber in the past, are still consumed today, little has changed, but is still delicious, and the best of Diber can be seen through Albanian cuisine. It is an inherent part of the local tradition. The secret of its flavor is that it’s been prepared the same way for centuries, with lots of love. Some recipes have been restored and adapted to the present day. The relatively warm climate of the region provides excellent growth conditions for a variety of fruits, herbs and vegetables. Diber cuisine is also noted for the diversity and quality of its dairy products, and local alcoholic drink, such as raki.
Chicken with jufka/kind of pasta, beans and sheqerpare (dessert) are considered the most famous in national dish of Diber.

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