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Cultural heritage consists of material and non-material values, which are part of the national wealth. The cultural material heritage represents a community of cultural and historical heritage inherited, expressed through various archaeological, architectural, historical, artistic typologies. Spiritual heritage is represented by rich oral, musical and choreographic folklore, local festivals, various handicrafts and so on.

Having been populated since ancient times, Dibër possesses great material and spiritual cultural wealth. The material heritage in this region is represented by the variety of historical facilities such as forts, characteristic dwellings of the area, historical museums, objects of various religious cultures and a variety of archaeological objects or ruins. The majority of them have been proclaimed cultural monuments. Dibër is also made up of a rich spiritual heritage that is represented by traditional songs and dances, numerous local festivals, traditional and varied cuisine delicacies, popular games, and so on. This wealth proves the creative ability of the people of Dibër for centuries, their relations with neighboring countries, and exchanges or influences of mutual cultures. Cultural heritage is also a great potential for the development of cultural tourism in the area where it is located or manifested.

The cultural material heritage in the district of Dibër is presented with several categories of monuments such as: archaeological monuments (ruins, towns, citadels), architectural monuments (dwellings) historical monuments (museums), religious monuments (churches, mosques, tekkes), artistic (sculptures, paintings) and ethnographic (folk clothing) monuments. Based on data provided by the Regional Directorate of National Culture in Shkodër,  there are 17 cultural monuments in the district of Dibër, as part of the national cultural heritage.

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