“Art Ceramika Dibër” founder Mariglen Gjura started making ceramics in Greece 20 years ago and after a decade and a half of experience there he returned to his home and opened a small ceramic shop. Over the years, he has produced ceramics for his souvenir shop/gallery as well as pieces custom made for clients.  Mariglen produces his own clay, formulated from materials sourced throughout the Dibër region. He combines traditional and modern tooling and his production techniques encompass scragfitto, inlay, hand painting, sponging, dipping and spraying. Each piece is fired at a temperature of 1250C for nine hours. Built to last a lifetime, “Art Ceeramika Dibër” products are extremely durable.

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Rruga Abdyl Frashëri, Peshkopi, Albania

Monday 24h open
Local time 15:52pm
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