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Getting to Dibër

From Albania
By Public Transport
The most commonly used method of transportation is the furgon, a van that can transport 12-15 people.
From Tirana, the furgon leaves from the Regional Bus Terminal – North and South Albania located on Rruga Dritan Hoxha directly across the street from Dilo Hotel. Inside the bus station, the Peshkopi/Diber furgons are located in the middle on the right-hand side. Furgons leave regularly throughout the day starting at 5:00 AM. The cost is between 600-700 lek one way. The trip takes 4.5 hours and includes one stop along the way.
From Kukes, the furgon leaves daily around 12:30 and costs 800 lek one way. The bus station (stacioni i autobusave) is located at the intersection of Rruga Islam Spahiu and Rruga Mahmut Daci. The trip takes 2 hours and includes one stop along the way.

By Private Vehicle
From Tirana, take E762 north, turn right towards Milot on A1, then follow the SH6 through Burrel, Klos, and Maqellare all the way to Peshkopi. The drive takes approximately 4.5 hours.
From Kukes, the distance is 75km along the Peshkopi-Kukes road and the trip should take 2 hours.

From North Macedonia
By Private Vehicle
From Skopje International Airport, take A1/E75, keep right at the fork following signs for Ckonje Skopje. Continue on A4 and after approximately 10 km continue straight onto A2, both are partial toll roads. After arriving in Debar, take R1201 north approximately 6km to the Albanian border. After crossing the border, continue along the same road, which is now SH44. After approximately 3.3 km, you will approach a roundabout where you will continue to go straight along Rruga Peshkopi-Maqellare. And after approximately 15.5 km you will arrive in Peshkopi. Travel time from Skopje airport to Peshkopi should take about 3 hours.

From Kosovo
By Private Vehicle
From Pristina International Airport, take the M9 to Autostradë Dr. Ibrahim Rugova approximately 82 km to the border crossing with Albania. After crossing the border into Albania, continue along the same road, which is now Rruga Kombit. After approximately 19km, turn left on SH31 towards the Kukes airport and continue along this road until you arrive in Peshkopi. Travel time from Kukes to Peshkopi should take about 2 hours.

Get Around Peshkopi
The majority of the town can be explored on foot. Many points of attraction within the Dibër region can be reached via local furgons, taxi, or private vehicle.

Emergency Contacts

Tel: 129; Mob: 0694110214

Tel: 021822442; Mob: 0692702235

Tel: 112

Fire Department

Tel: 128; Tel: 021825240


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Boulevard “Elez Isufi” 
Peshkopi, Albania

MAIN:    +355 (0)67 586 6911
TEL/FAX: +355 (0)218 24 221


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