Dibër: Trails & Traditions

Thanks to the “Tourism as a Leading Edge” Program, in March 2017, the Albania Local Capacity Development Foundation partnered with the Municipality of Dibër and the Local Action Group, Dibër Turistike, to implement “Dibër: Trails & Tradition” (D2T), a $750,000 grant funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development and the Swedish International Development Agency.

The three-year project’s aim is to develop sustainable tourism in the Dibër region of Albania by focusing on its three strategic objectives: 1) to strengthen the enabling environment; 2) to increase the workforce capabilities; and, 3) to design, develop and promote integrated agritourism products. By April 2020, D2T envisions an increase in employment and incomes based on an increased number of tourists in Dibër and the quality of their experience. 

Through partnerships with businesses and local government, the project works on: developing and marketing eco-friendly, natural, cultural, and agro-tourism attractions, such as hiking and biking trails; improve traditional guesthouses and villages; introduce self-sustaining energy and waste management systems; improve tourist infrastructure; and train local tour guides.


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